Monday, June 22, 2009

Introducing: Iris van Berne

The latest girl to welcome to the CODE generation is Iris. As she walked in our office we were struck by her long limbs and piercing blue/green eyes. Her classic model features come together in a modern, refined type of beauty. Iris, who is at the start of her development, is now placed with Next Worldwide. Stay tuned for updates.

Height: 1.79m
Place you want to visit next: Any tropical island will do, I like sunshine, no traffic, just silence and relaxing. 
Favorite food: Very simple, a real Dutch croquette ("kroket"). I always eat it with my best friend. I can even picture us 60 years from now, two old ladies eating our kroket. 
Favorite fragrance: I Love Love by Moschino or Burberry Brit


Maud and Penny said...

I Love Love de Moschino is also my fave :D
Thanks for the mention and good luck to Iris, I heard nothing but very good feedbacks about her !!

ryder said...

:=o so beautiful!!!!!!